Latest Projects

(this site is new in progress* see below)

  • React-Img-Select npm package to render array of images as options for a select
  • Platform for the experiental arts network Wallplay + a custom cms
  • The Icon a bespoke react platform for UK energy policy and news
  • Community driven index fund Sustain Investing where the community can cast votes on whethere a company‚Äôs actions are sustainable
  • State Your Plate a vanity License plate app for fun one afternoon in React + Firebase
  • Get approval on an album of photos from guests invited via email Proofer images stored on Cloudinary + MongoDb
  • Node server for Proofer and handling email for nick is online contact form Proofing Server express + passportJs + MongoDb
  • Discography Queries the iTunes API with Fetch
  • A flashcards app to learn more JavaScript methods, built with Node and Express. Ended up learning PUG template engine to handle the views of this app. This project uses Passport JS for auth and sets local session variables. Cards Pug
  • Paycheck-Strategy a quick project to try out airbnb dates and then added react-navi
  • Do you even Die Hard ? Yippe Ki Yay

* This site is a static rendered react site using a static router, not gatsby or nextjs. The pages and some components are written in mdx, and a more visually fulfilling project gallery is coming soon.

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